Our S3® Technology Platform

Benefits and rewards at a nationwide retail network

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

Attract new participants and encourage healthy habits through the customized Healthy Benefits+ platform. You decide how and where members can spend their allowance. We tailor the platform to make it happen.

Whether you are distributing OTC benefits to health plan members, or providing a healthy food discount to employees, our technology combines a collection of services into a single platform. Leverage our nationwide retail network or customize a restricted Visa to expand services to things like transportation and housing.

S3 Multi-Benefit card used to serve all ancillary benefits
Solutran team member designing innovative healthcare solutions.

You Design It

S3 helps you dispense cash value and issue discounts on products and services that you define. Want to provide a supplemental benefit program with your Medicare members with $100 per month to spend on OTC products? We can do that. Want your employees to get a weekly discount on fresh fruits and vegetables? We can do that too. What about a combination of both? No problem. Our programs are easily customizable so you can provide benefits that shape your desired outcomes and help retain members.

You Direct It

By leveraging UPC and department codes, we can tailor benefit spending to the specific products and services you choose. With a restricted Visa, you can also dictate exactly which merchants and categories are eligible for the funds you provide. We could configure a “diapers and wipes” discount for new mothers or offer housing allowances for low-income populations. With our technology to direct and control spending, the possibilities are endless.

S3 Multi-Benefit card used to serve all ancillary benefits
Directed spend nationwide network.

Across the Country

Our retail network of more than 30,000 stores ensures that 95% of US residents live within 5 miles of a supported location. With the addition of our restricted Visa program, you can also access merchants who offer services beyond the retail space. Using the S3 platform guarantees support for your benefits program how and where you need it.

Unique and Innovative Solutions

Whether you’re a health plan looking to attract and retain members, a brand looking to increase purchases of your products through digital promotion, or you’re looking for another custom program, our S3 technology provides capabilities and builds health solutions that have not been previously available in the market.

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