We believe that best-in-class service starts with a crucial ‘first step’ – listening. We know that Solutran’s product designs and service methods are only effective if we first understand our clients. Using this simple approach for over 30 years, we have built industry-leading businesses across several sectors. In fact, each new Solutran business line has reached #1 market share within five years of its creation. This remarkable achievement is only possible through active two-way communication and strong partnerships with our clients.

Solutran is committed to serving the EBT industry in both the public and private sectors, building solutions for an industry that is constantly changing. Our world-class service and ongoing innovation makes Solutran the nation’s partner for EBT technology and America’s well-being. We thank our clients for your engagement and trust as we continue to serve your interests. When you communicate, we are listening.

Values History Community Involvement

Our Purpose & Core Values

At Solutran our purpose is to serve. We do this by carrying out our core values which include: Operate in an ethical manner, promote trust and respect, commit to long-term profitability, foster employee growth, and pursue continual improvement.

Industry-leading service is impossible without industry-leading technology. Solutran constantly thrives to establish products that lead the industry from a design and technological perspective. From our groundbreaking S3™ EBT Platform, to our first-of-its-kind Healthy Savings® program, and the creation of our innovative SPIN™ product, our products change the face of industries we serve.

For these reasons, Solutran is often considered a leading technology company. We appreciate this recognition, but it is not our focus. Solutran utilizes industry-leading technology as a tool to help us meet our core mission – to serve.

Our History

When Elloyd Hauser founded our enterprise, his vision for serving America better was to provide customized transaction processing to organizations receiving high volumes of low-dollar payments. Since inception, Solutran has provided customized processing, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. These services – combined with our passion for building best-in-class transaction solutions – have inspired Solutran’s continuing growth for more than 30 years.

Solutran has expanded to provide a broad spectrum of customized transaction solutions including EBT programs that support healthy eating in both public and private sectors, electronic check conversion, disbursement processing, and depository services.

Our Healthy Savings® program is quickly changing how America eats, and our S3™ EBT Platform has enhanced how retailers and consumers handle benefits transactions. We create technology to serve America better and make these critical and often complicated transactions as simple as possible. We create solutions built for you, your employees, your participants, your customers, your communities.

Community Involvement

Solutran is dedicated to long-term investment in the communities where we live and do business. For us, this means helping create healthier communities by providing food and education assistance.

We offer support to 501 (c)3 organizations and encourage our employees to actively support organizations and groups that impact them.