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About Solutran

About Solutran


About Solutran

Since 1982 Solutran has provided a full range of treasury management solutions to the nation’s top corporations and state governments. Solutran's services span the payment spectrum, from paper check processing and conversion to fully electronic payments and WIC processing.

Product offerings include:

  • Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
  • WIC processing
  • Healthy Savings
  • Disbursement processing
  • Electronic check conversion
  • Return check management services
  • SPIN™: Solutran’s POS and Imaging Network
  • And more

With the payments industry in a significant state of change, we bring to our clients expertise, knowledge, and a desire to find solutions for their unique needs.

Our Mission

Solutran’s mission is to manage the flow of financial transactions for clients who issue or receive high volumes of payments. Our services are valued because they are innovative, reliable, and responsive to our clients' needs.

Our Purpose

To find solutions.

Our Message

We provide processing of high-volume financial transactions and customized reports to America's finest companies and organizations.

Our Core Values

  • Operate in an ethical manner
  • Promote trust and respect
  • Commit to long-term profitability
  • Foster employee growth
  • Pursue continual improvement

Company History

Elloyd Hauser founded Solutran in 1982 by offering check processing and depository services to organizations receiving high volumes of low dollar checks. Solutran’s services provided customized processing, strong service levels, and competitive pricing. When combined with a focus on industry innovation, these value propositions have provided a vehicle for Solutran’s growth for over 25 years.

Over the years, Solutran's innovations have positively impacted many industries. Grocers, pharmacies, and retailers have all benefited from Solutran’s game-changing product launches in Return Check Management and Back Office Conversion. Our clients tell us that we offer more than just transaction processing services — we offer solutions. Thus the name, Solutran.

In the summer of 2009, Solutran announced the acquisition of FSMC, a division of MoneyGram. The acquisition strengthened Solutran in the disbursement and WIC industry. The combination of FSMC’s years of experience with the state agencies’ WIC needs, along with our experience processing WIC payments for grocers, pharmacies, and retailers enables us to provide the most well-rounded WIC experts in the industry.

Solutran has grown to provide a complete spectrum of customized solutions including electronic check conversion, return check management, disbursement processing, depository services, and online capabilities. Today hundreds of millions financial transactions are managed by Solutran for American's finest organizations.