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Introducing, H E A L T H Y   S A V I N G S

Solutran's new Healthy Savings program rewards health insurance members for healthier eating.

Solutran technology powers the
H E A L T H Y   S A V I N G S  program in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

See the Healthy Savings program in action following a successful launch in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Who is Solutran?   Since 1982 Solutran has provided a full range of customized treasury management solutions to organizations that process high-volume payment transactions. Our recent acquisition of FSMC, a division of MoneyGram, places Solutran as the industry leader in rebate and refund check processing as well as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) payments processing on behalf of our state and retail clients. This acquisition strengthens our position as industry leaders focused on innovation and execution when delivering solutions to our clients.

Continual improvement and a strong commitment to quality are the main drivers behind our product and service solutions. Our systems, technology, and processes are all designed to equip our staff with the information they need to understand your business. We will continue to provide solutions that evolve with the payments industry as well as the changing needs of your company.