Building a food-stable America is no easy task, but it’s a task that we are wholeheartedly invested in achieving. We’re leveraging the best technology in the industry and our team’s 200 years of combined experience to help make this a reality.

Leading Technology Solutions

Through listening to our customers, we’ve discovered that providing a custom approach can make all the difference in better serving your program. Solutran has used the lessons learned from the past, and incorporated best-practices thinking into state-of-the-art technology that provides comprehensive support for SNAP and Cash processing.


Solutran is helping to build the future of EBT with our S3™ EBT platform. This groundbreaking technology is the first of its kind, helping us to better serve your participants with convenient, reliable online access.

  • Delivers benefits in a timely and secure manner
  • Processes authorization requests with unparalleled uptime
  • Provides participants with easy-to-use tools such as a user-friendly website, convenient mobile app, and 24/7 access to a Customer Service Call Center
  • Reconciles transactions with complete accuracy
  • Supports programs with robust reporting tools and exceptional customer service

Helping You Serve

Several factors enable Solutran to provide world-class EBT services.

Independent & focused. We believe EBT is our future, and our shareholders, board, management team, and employees are all committed to this focus. Our goal is simple: to become the industry-leading provider of EBT products and services. In larger organizations, a commitment of this sort could prove difficult, but we are the “right size” at the right time for this undertaking.

Best-in-class technology. Solutran understands that great service starts with great technology. Our S3™ EBT platform includes a feature-rich design and displays near-zero down time. Further, we will enhance, refresh, and grow our system as the industry evolves.

Experts in EBT. Our staff experience spans all areas of EBT offerings, including SNAP, TANF, WIC EBT, and our Healthy Savings® program. Our staff offers a combined 200 years of EBT industry experience.

Where We Serve

Solutran has unparalleled experience building EBT technologies for today's America. Over the past decade, we've assembled an industry team that now services leading EBT programs across the country.

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