Healthy Savings & Rewards is a new incentive technology that puts health plans in complete control of the member reward experience. That means selecting the healthy behaviors to reward and then dialing in on the customer experience, driving 400%-1000% engagement, getting positive branding throughout the process and determining how rewards are spent. Health plans can even control costs so budgets will go further and customers will stay closer. Now is the time to overachieve on your wellness investment and delight your customers at the same time.

Build Better Connections

Healthy Savings & Rewards provides a unique platform for health plans to interact with customers, frequently, with good news and value-added messaging. The platform can drive higher member engagement, build stronger relationships, and help to retain members while positively impacting your NPS and Star Ratings.

Turn on the Branding Machine

Your brand should be part of all positive member interactions throughout the plan year and certainly through the entire rewards cycle. And now, it can be! Healthy Savings & Rewards brands every communication for you, from delivering an incentive offer, to celebrating member successes, to delivering a reward and reminding them to use it, and finally to congratulating them for using the reward. All positive, all branded. With your brand, not others.

Deliver Smarter Rewards

Using rewards to improve health is the goal. And it works. Now health plans can create synergy and double down on health. With Healthy Savings & Rewards, you can ask for healthy behaviors and reward them with something that makes them healthier. Directing how the reward is spent is just good, smart business. Attend a baby wellness check and get cash value towards diapers and ointments. Complete a diabetes checkup and get discounts on blood glucose monitoring supplies and medications. And so on. It is simple and delivered on one reloadable card.

Drive Higher Engagement

Americans are increasingly demanding immediate gratification. They no longer want to wait days to get rewarded for something that they have already earned. By issuing rewards digitally, members receive their incentives quickly, when they care the most. They can redeem them just as quickly with just one simple scan at checkout. With digital reminders and confirmations, health plans can drive engagement levels to 400%-1000% of current programs.

Get a Better ROI

With most incentive programs, rewards are funded whether members redeem them or not. With Healthy Savings & Rewards, the experience is different. Health plans can retain unredeemed funds. After rewards are issued they are tracked through expiration, allowing health plans to either send reminders for members to use them or simply reclaim the unused rewards and re-purpose them to fund additional incentives.