Healthy Savings is a new way for brands to promote their healthier food products – the “right” way, as many brands have told us. Healthy Savings allows brands to promote their healthier products to large populations at the lowest costs in the industry.

Why? We want brands to realize the best promotional ROI available, so they will support this growing group of health-seeking consumers on an ongoing basis. And by rewarding these populations of health plan members and large enterprise employees in their healthy endeavors, brands can attract more loyal customers to their products.

To support this healthy cycle, Healthy Savings keeps costs lower than any other promotional platform. Isn’t that the way it should be?



With Healthy Savings You Can Enjoy

  • Product Promotion to millions of members
  • Endorsement as “healthy foods members should be eating” by leading health plans
  • Subcategory Exclusivity during each 2-week period
  • Free branding impressions – with millions of branding impressions each quarter
  • Free Data & Analytics for each promotion

How it Works

Healthy Savings is an innovative wellness program that unites top food and beverage companies and leading grocers with sponsors like progressive health plans, non-profits, governments and employers – all who want to help their members eat healthier foods. Healthy Savings promotes to these members each week and feature brand products on the website and mobile app. Consumers shop for the promoted foods, scan their card and save instantly, making it a new kind of win-win.

Each promotion lasts two weeks, during which brands may enjoy exclusivity from competitors. Promotional elements include your brand, the product offers, a product picture, product information, nutrition details, and recipes.

All of this translates to tens of millions branding impressions and exceptional product promotion to a health-seeking, multi-million member base, at the lowest costs in the industry.

Join the Movement

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