Healthy Savings connects members with their local Farmers Markets to promote healthier, locally produced foods. This relationship builds upon the symbiosis between local farmers and their communities. Farmers Markets benefit from free online marketing, resulting in an increase in new foot traffic and an opportunity to reach new segments of their community.

Healthy Savings Offers

  • FREE emails twice a week to members of your community
  • FREE online branding impressions, even when you’re not running promotions
  • The ability to attract new consumers to shop at your market (over 50% on avg.)
  • The ability to promote at your leisure (no contract or long-term commitment)
  • Free signage and coupons for you to distribute

How It Works

Healthy Savings members receive notifications via digital media informing them of dates and locations of participating Farmers Markets. The Farmers Markets are given signage to put up at their information and/or vendor booths to alert members as to where to check in. Once the HS member checks in they will receive a $3.00 voucher to use towards their produce purchase at the market that day (limit 1 per member).

Signage and coupon voucher pads are provided for FREE from Healthy Savings.