Healthy Savings programs are launching across the country, creating opportunities for retail partners to grow their business and serve their communities better. Participation is completely free, so if you want to serve your communities while increasing foot traffic and expanding basket rings, we’d love to have you join the movement to serve America, healthier.

See how it works

Healthy Savings Offers Retailers

  • Build Market Share – Creates an edge over non-participating competitors.
  • Reach More Customers – These benefits can only be used at participating retailers.
  • Promotion Opportunities – Promote your private brands.
  • Digital Marketing – millions of emails sent weekly reminding consumers to shop at participating stores.

How it Works

Health Plans and employers sponsor the Healthy Savings benefits for their members, and ask them to shop at participating retailers. Weekly savings are pre-loaded on consumer’s accounts, and participating retailer information is shared through the weekly emails, the website portal, and the mobile app. Consumers only need to shop, scan, and save. It’s as simple as that.

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