Solutran POS & Imaging Network (SPIN™) is a convenient – and simple – back office conversion solution that utilizes your existing system’s infrastructure while having no impact to your back office depository prepping process. SPIN™ eliminates the need to purchase new hardware or software, saving you both time and money. Our SPIN™ solution is cost-effective and simple to integrate, bringing you significant labor savings, improved funds availability, and a streamlined reconciliation process at a store level.

Key Benefits of SPIN™

  • Increased funds availability
  • Reduced banking fees
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Reduced check fraud through improved knowledge of return items
  • No capital expenditure
  • Little impact on store operations

8,500 Happy Retailers & Growing

Grocers, pharmacies, and retailers alike have identified cost savings of 50-70% by using our automated approach to processing transactions. SPIN™ is an innovative, scanner-free BOC solution with a payment-decisioning process that maximizes your funds availability and reduces processing costs by converting check payments into ACH or image exchange.