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Innovative EBT Services delivered with superior customer service

As the only provider of online eWIC, Smart Card eWIC and SNAP services, our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class EBT services including easy-to-use and supportive customer service for your participants.

Best-in-Class Technology for EBT

Solutran’s holistic cardholder service platform is powered by our S3 technology and seasoned team of EBT experts. We invest in R&D to become an industry-leading provider of EBT products to best serve our clients and provide program participants with advanced capabilities.


Consistency and reliability are critical to providing trusted EBT services. The innovative technology behind Solutran eWIC and Smart Card eWIC programs provides easy-to-use solutions with consistent and reliable uptime rates.

Mother and baby shopping with eWIC card
Mother and son shopping with eWIC card


Building a food-stable America is no easy task, but it’s one Solutran wholeheartedly supports. Solutran provides the best EBT technologies available to help make this goal a reality. We offer reliable and efficient technologies so that you can support your SNAP and TANF participants’ needs.

Healthy family enjoying food items purchased with their government benefits

Grocery Discounts

Increase the affordability and accessibility of healthier food options for your cardholders with the addition of Grocery Discounts to your eWIC, SNAP or TANF program. With this add-on service, you can offer grocery discounts on healthy foods and beverages at over 34,500 stores nationwide.

Healthy family enjoying food items purchased with their government benefits

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