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Now, social determinants of health can be addressed for food insecure populations and low-income families with stigma-free programs that remove the barriers to access. Participants can receive discounts on fresh produce and other healthier foods at local stores with a simple, one-second scan of their food card or program mobile app. Our food program solution is customizable to meet the needs of underserved populations and can be accessed through leading grocery and pharmacy stores as well as Farmers Markets in your communities. Inquire about the proven modern food program for your community.

How We Can Help

Your organization can help level the nutrition playing field by making fresh produce and other healthier food items a realistic option for all. Our technology succeeds in distributing nutritious food to participants through their normal shopping channels.

  • Healthy Food Affordability
  • Easy and Convenient Access
  • Stigma-free Transactions
  • Configurable Weekly or Monthly Benefits
  • Healthy Food Affordability
  • Easy and Convenient Access
  • Stigma-free Transactions
  • Configurable Weekly or Monthly Benefits

The Right Food Card for Your Community Programs

Bring better nutrition to all and use our technology to make it simple and effective. The S3® platform can restrict benefit spending to healthier products so that you and your funders can take solace in knowing you are directing investments to support purchases of health-building products. Distribution is built in through the convenient S3 retailer network of 34,500 leading box, grocery and pharmacy stores across the country. Benefit issuance is simple and easy and can be loaded onto member accounts at the frequency you prefer. To redeem, members can use a physical food card, a virtual card on the mobile app, or both. Find out more about how you can use our best-in-class food card.

Leverage Our Platform to Support Food Insecure

Let our S3 platform enable a food program customized for your community.

Healthy Food Savings

Reduce the cost of healthier products to make them affordable

Funding Goes to Benefits

The vast majority of program funding goes to healthy food benefits


Design the best food program based on your community’s unique needs.

Easy Redemption

Benefits are redeemed at any of 34,500 grocery or pharmacy stores or farmers markets.

times the engagement of comparable programs


of the population lives within 5 miles of a participating retailer


of households are food insecure*

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