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Our modern S3 platform can enable your business initiatives in ways that weren’t possible before.


Differentiate with effective benefits, rewards and incentives to help attract and retain health plan members.
Healthy Medicare couple running outside in a park.
Young child enjoying a healthy apple purchased with their government food benefits.


We are the only provider in the country to offer SNAP, TANF, Smart Card WIC, eWIC, WIC vouchers and Farmers Market solutions and we do so with the nation’s most comprehensive and reliable EBT payment solutions.


Become an S3 network partner to bring new shoppers to your stores and make sure existing customers don’t have to go elsewhere to redeem their wide-ranging S3 benefits.
Man checking out at a grocery store using his benefits card.
Young woman volunteering at a food drive for the food insecure.


Address food insecurity and other social determinants of health with innovative technology that makes healthier living easy and affordable.


Achieve high engagement with employee health and wellness programs that can increase productivity and retention.


Group of healthy employees enjoying their lunch.
Family shopping for healthy CPG products in a grocery store.


Promote your brand’s products on your own loyalty program that shoppers access instantly across your national retail network.

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