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Whether you are seeking to grow through new customer acquisition or accelerating the purchase cycle, Solutran’s Brand Solutions can help you reach your objectives in new and impactful ways. You can promote your products with an unusually high ROI, issue digital rewards to accelerate shopping behaviors and explore a crowdsourcing program to support product sales. Check out our market-interrupting S3 platform solutions.

The Right Technology for Your Brand

Attract New Shoppers

Reach new shoppers and boost sales with our user-friendly and behavior-changing technology that can bring new audiences to your brand and products.

Expand Brand Impressions

Your brand is featured at every member touchpoint to drive millions of impressions, which can be free with some of our programs.

Create Loyalty

Your customers can shop at 32,211 stores, including the nation’s largest grocery, box and pharmacy chains!

Cross-Retailer Network

Let shoppers experience your brand in the way they want, with one-scan instant savings at over 32,211 retail locations including the nation’s largest grocery, box and pharmacy chains.

Product Promotion Platform

Promote your healthier products to new audiences for free. With this pay-for-performance program, you promote for free and pay only when your products are purchased. With Healthy Savings, you can reach a broad new audience of targeted consumers.

Family shopping for food items with benefit app
Young women shopping with benefit app at grocery store

Digital Rewards

Increase loyalty and accelerate purchases of your products through digital rewards that are fully branded and delivered immediately. Use direct-to-consumer communications to drive immediate sales across your own loyalty network of 32,211 grocery, box and pharmacy retail stores. See how you can leverage a modern model to drive sales for your brand.

Young women with benefit card at grocery store


Engage families, friends and communities to work together to fund purchases of your products. With the Solutran S3 crowd sourcing solution, raised funds can be directed to your targeted products only, increasing your sales and delivering countless viral brand impressions.

Young women with benefit card at grocery store

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