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Healthy Savings is a modern program that uses incentives to increase purchases of products that support a healthier lifestyle. Participating brands get access to new customer acquisition and can leverage the program for ongoing loyalty. Brands can take control of their loyalty communications with consumers and drive redemptions across any of the 32,211 national retail locations. Product categories include healthier foods, over-the-counter products, baby care products and household cleaning products.

Healthy Savings is a unique pay-for-performance program with no setup fees. Brands only pay when their products are purchased. Our multi-million-member audience is expanding every month and is comprised of health-seeking consumers that are sponsored by their health plan, government organization, employer or a supporting non-profit. Find out how hundreds of leading brands are promoting with Healthy Savings to gain new customers at the lowest acquisition costs in the industry.

How We Can Help

People across the country are placing a larger emphasis on the importance of health and wellness. They are actively seeking items that are beneficial to their health. The Healthy Savings program is a brand’s go-to source for health-seeking consumers to find healthier products they are after and incentives for trial and repeat purchases. Explore how promoting your products on the platform can connect your brand to this audience and make them loyal customers.
  • Modern Product Promotion Platform
  • Free Brand and Product Impressions
  • Positive One-Scan Redemptions
  • Pay-for-sale only program
  • S3® 32,211 Cross Retailer Network
  • Special Placement Opportunities
  • Redemption Reporting
  • Modern Product Promotion Platform
  • Free Brand and Product Impressions
  • Positive One-Scan Redemptions
  • Pay-for-scale only program
  • S3™ 32,211 Cross Retailer Network
  • Special Placement Opportunities
  • Redemption Reporting

The Right Technology for Your Promotions

The modern S3 Platform powers Healthy Savings programs and triggers promotions by loading offers directly onto customer accounts and sending customer communications at the beginning of each promotion period. Customers simply shop for promoted brands and instantly redeem their savings with one scan at checkout of any of the 32,211 retail locations in our network. Shoppers scan their program card or mobile app, and their instant savings print right on their receipt, creating a positive engagement experience with your brand.

Find out why leading brands are reducing their reliance on cumbersome promotional vehicles that frustrate their customers and are increasing the use of Healthy Savings.

Leverage Our Network to Empower Yours

Running promotions on Healthy Savings gives your brand exposure to millions of health-conscious people at a very little cost. Expand your customer base and improve your promotional ROI by promoting on Healthy Savings.

Shopper Acquisition

Millions of health plan members and others have access to the Healthy Savings program.

Brand Impressions

Millions of impressions delivered via program website, mobile app and email communications.

Targeted Promotions

Promote your products to a health-seeking audience.

High ROI

Pay-per-sale model with the lowest costs in the industry.


Health plans, non-profits, and employers give brands an implied endorsement as “healthier”.

Special Placement Opportunities

Limited, high-value placements are available to increase your brand’s visibility.

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Brands Partner with Healthy Savings® to Make Healthier Lifestyle More Affordable

Minneapolis, MN (December 6, 2018) – Healthy Savings, the growing health & wellness program, announced today that Goya®, Quaker® and Naturipe® have partnered with the platform. These brands join over 200

Chobani, Sunkist and Skippy Peanut Butter Join Healthy Savings Program to Offer Incentives for Shoppers to Buy Healthier

Minneapolis, MN (Feb 27, 2018) — Beginning in February, members participating in a Healthy Savings program will have access to savings on more nutritious Chobani, Sunkist citrus and SKIPPY® food products along with

New CPG Marketing Tool Incents Shoppers to Buy Healthy

Minneapolis, MN (Mar 20, 2013) — A powerful new promotion and loyalty program for CPG companies looking to increase sales of their healthy brands is being announced today. The program is unique because


of the U.S. population lives within 5 miles of a participating retailer


of redeemed coupons will be digital by 2022*

estimated mobile coupon redemptions in 2019*

What Members Are Saying


A Healthy Savings member smiles.

“This app makes shopping healthy so much easier! And it looks great!”

A Healthy Savings member smiles.

“This app and program have it all! Healthy and affordable food conveniently at your fingertips. This is a groundbreaking system for today’s America”

A Healthy Savings member smiles.

“This app is so convenient and easy to use! I constantly save on my favorite healthy foods.”

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