Healthcare Solutions


Our modern solutions can help differentiate your health plan in the marketplace. We provide configurable digital and carded healthcare programs that create positive behavior changes and improve your members’ experiences with your brand. From nutrition incentives and food prescriptions to OTC allowances, your members become more loyal and their experiences can lead to improved ratings. Plus you will sleep better at night knowing you have full control of costs and can minimize waste.

The Right Technology for Health

Dial Up Member Engagement

You can choose to boost or limit member engagement and utilization of your programs, while delivering easy and satisfying user experiences for your members.

Positive Health Plan Branding

Your health plan is featured at every member touchpoint, so you get the credit for the benefits you provide and improve your relationship with your customers.

Save on Healthcare Costs

Our programs are designed to positively impact member health and ultimately drive down the cost of care.


Give your members a modern OTC experience with omnichannel shopping choices including an in-store option with a national retail network. The program is flexible and provides your plan with full control of costs.

Incentives & Rewards

Reward your members’ healthy behaviors with a reloadable card and mobile app, rendering poorly branded and expensive traditional gift card programs obsolete.

Health & Wellness Incentives

Help make your members’ lifestyles healthier by providing savings on healthier foods, frequently used over-the-counter self-medications, baby care and household cleaning items. 

Digital Rewards

Provide immediate, on-demand rewards delivered digitally via text or email for single or multi-use incentives.

Food Prescriptions

Use an easy-to-deliver fresh produce food prescription that can help members with conditions such as pre-diabetes or hypertension improve their health. Enable your team to control and issue these from the field while working with members!

Pre-Paid Cards

Deliver your value-added benefits for transportation, housing, child care and others on an easy-to-use Restricted Visa solution. Restrictions are available by merchant id’s, merchant code, timeframe, amount available and item amount.


If you offer multiple benefits and rewards, we can provide one simple, seamless experience for both you and your members. That way, members only need to log onto one website or mobile app portal, making it easier for members and easier for you.

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