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“Food as medicine” has been a mantra of healthy populations since the days of Hippocrates. Now, there is a modern way to improve diets to benefit every type of health plan member. Fresh produce food prescriptions can help treat chronic conditions, help prevent pre-diabetics from becoming diabetic, and maintain the health of your healthy members. Consider a benefit that will attract a health-seeking population, can be targeted or scaled, and allows members easy access to a healthier lifestyle.

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Every day, your members are living better lives because of the programs you provide. Food prescriptions are becoming a more important tool to be used against chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes as well as the general health of our population. Healthy Benefits Plus is the only solution to actually deliver healthy food benefits across a national retail network. The program has all the elements to provide a high-touch food prescription benefit that engages and motivates your members to improve their health through diet. Explore our configurable services and discover how you can leverage our capabilities and our network.

  • Branded Materials
  • Directed Spend
  • Full Control of Costs
  • Repurpose Dollars
  • Analytics
  • Branded Materials
  • Directed Spend
  • Full Control of Costs
  • Repurpose Dollars
  • Analytics

 The Power of the S3™ Network

The Right Technology for Your Food Prescription

As both a treatment and a prevention measure for members, fresh produce food prescriptions can be highly cost-effective for Medicare and Medicaid plans. Healthy Benefits Plus provides a convenient national retail network of 22,000 locations for accessibility to redeem benefits with one easy scan of a program card or mobile app at checkout. And with the S3 directed spend payment platform, only qualified foods are redeemed, making it easy-to-use for you and your members. Let our technology and network power your members’ health.

Your program doesn’t have to stop with a Food Prescription. Now, with Healthy Benefits Plus you can provide your members with a single seamless experience for any combination of benefits, rewards and incentive programs – from OTC, Food Cards, Transportation Benefits, Housing Benefits, and other value-added benefits, we’ve got you covered.

Why Healthy Benefits Plus?

Lower Cost, Healthier Members

Our fresh produce food prescription solution can prevent or reduce healthcare costs for all types of members, and our turnkey model makes redeeming easier than ever before.

Simple User Experience

No need for coupons or tokens, members use their card or mobile app for benefits

Motivated Behavior Changes

Provide your allowance on a monthly or quarterly basis

Directed Spend

Members only spend benefits on fresh produce

Convenient Utilization

Members can shop at 22,000 stores nationwide

Full Control of Costs

You configure the program to your desired level of engagement, and unredeemed benefits are reclaimed to use for future benefits

in healthcare costs saved with food prescriptions*

up to 10X the engagement of comparable programs


of members live within five miles of a store

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