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Health & Wellness Incentives

The wellness program you provide to members only matters if members use it. That’s where Healthy Savings comes in. Most members want to eat healthier, but it can be expensive and put a strain on family budgets. Healthy Savings programs are highly appealing and drive higher engagement than other health and wellness programs by providing simple one-scan savings on pre-qualified healthier foods. Best of all, members can redeem their savings at any of the 22,000 conveniently located stores in the S3™ retail network. If your program engagement is low, you may be investing in the wrong program. Healthy Savings can be your solution.

dollars saved with Healthy Savings

up to 10X the engagement of comparable programs


increase in fresh produce purchases

The Power of the S3™ Platform

The Right Technology for Your Wellness Benefit

Health plans need more than a gym membership discount to differentiate themselves. They need to focus on the biggest area to improve health – diets. Our S3 technology is integrated into a national network of 22,000 stores nationwide, allowing health plan members to save on healthier products instantly at the checkout of their local store. No need for coupons, members just scan their card or mobile app at checkout to save on products that build health.

Your program doesn’t have to stop with Healthy Savings. Now, you can provide your members with a single seamless experience for any combination of benefits, rewards and incentive programs – from OTC, Rewards, Food Cards & Prescriptions, Transportation Benefits, Housing Benefits, and other value-added benefits, we’ve got you covered.

Why Healthy Savings?

Higher Engagement, Lower Cost

With Healthy Savings, you can boost engagement numbers without breaking the bank for your plan.

Member Engagement and Retention

This high-engagement program can build loyalty with current members and attract new ones

Your Brand Impressions

Receive positive brand impressions throughout the program and members will thank you for savings

Reduced Health Care Costs

When members are eating and living healthier, you can reduce your costs

Address Social Determinants of Health

Healthy Savings can make food more affordable for food insecure individuals

Increased Ratings

Popular programs like Healthy Savings can boost NPS, STAR ratings


How Members Can Save

Healthy Savings has expanded! There are more ways to save while living healthier than ever before, including:

  • Healthier food savings
  • Fresh produce savings
  • OTC and pharmacy savings
  • Baby care savings
  • Household cleaning supplies savings
  • Healthier food savings
  • Fresh produce savings
  • OTC and pharmacy savings
  • Baby care savings
  • Household cleaning supplies savings

What Members are Saying

Healthy Savings member

“This app and program have it all! Healthy and affordable food conveniently at your fingertips. This is a groundbreaking system for today’s America”

Healthy Savings member

“This app is so convenient and easy to use! I constantly save on my favorite healthy foods.”

Healthy Savings member

“This app will help me save even more $ when grocery shopping! Love it!”


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…and more!

Optima Health Increases Access to Affordable Nutritious Food for Medicaid Members

Virginia Beach, VA (September 3, 2019) — Optima Health announced that it is providing the Healthy Savings program to its Medicaid members. This unique program provides greater access to fresh produce and other

UCare is First Minnesota Health Plan to Offer Healthy Savings® Program to Medicare and Medicaid Members

Minneapolis, MN (February 6, 2019) – UCare today announced the expansion of the Healthy Savings program to all of its more than 380,000 Medicare and Medicaid members in Minnesota and parts of western

JenCare Partners with Healthy Savings® to Help Improve Healthy Eating Among Food Insecure Seniors in Chicago

Chicago, IL (December 12, 2018) – JenCare Senior Medical Center in Chicago, which honors seniors with affordable VIP care that delivers better health, today announced it is helping at-risk elderly patients improve

UCare Makes Healthier Eating More Affordable for Members

Minneapolis, MN (Sep 12, 2018) — Healthy Savings announced UCare Individual and Family Plan members will be able to buy healthier foods at a discounted price through the Healthy Savings® program

Healthy Savings Makes Nutritious Foods More Affordable for UnitedHealthcare and Oxford Plan Participants in New York and New Jersey

New York City, NY (Jan 25, 2018) — UnitedHealthcare and Oxford plan participants and their dependents in New York and New Jersey who are enrolled in large group, fully insured employer-sponsored health plans

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