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Medicare Advantage plan annual revenues are expected to rise from $215 billion in the fiscal year 2017 to more than $500 billion by 2025, and market winners will need high-value supplemental benefits to continue to grow. Leading plans can attract new members with the best over-the-counter customer experience of its kind.​


  • Full Omnichannel Shopping Experiences Available​
  • Largest Product Selection & Lowest Product Costs​
  • User-Friendly Member Experience​
  • Leading Directed Spend Technology Platform Since 2013

Thousands of Items
Multiple Ways to Shop

Improve member outcomes through a powerful omnichannel program with up to four easy ways to buy.


Members can choose from one of the 30,000+ locations in our national retail network.​


They can shop online in the comfort of their own home with fast delivery.​

By Phone

Members can order by phone with the product catalog for easy home delivery or in-store pickup. ​


They can order by mail via an order form included with the product catalog for easy home delivery or in-store pickup. ​


OTC Products

Improving member health starts with choice. Offer your members access to a wide selection of affordable products that make benefit dollars go further. ​

​Your members can choose from thousands of CMS-compliant products available online and in-store. They can review the printed catalog, browse the product categories list or use the app product scanner in-store to find eligible products.

Member Experience

Members get a branded and customized welcome kit along with
user-friendly digital tools to provide easy access to all their benefits. ​

Members Receive:

  • Welcome booklet​
  • Program card​
  • Product catalog​
  • Categories list​
  • Instructions to download mobile app

Members Can​:

  • View benefits and balance​
  • Browse eligible products & services​
  • Find participating retailers​
  • Checkout with barcode or card number ​


Product & Shipping

Reduce Costs​

Our retail partners carry a wide variety of branded and generic OTC drugs and health-related items at costs that average 42% below industry prices. Omnichannel shopping that includes an in-store option can reduce shipping costs for your members.


Shop in-store with no shipping costs


Shop online with home delivery


Shop by phone with home delivery


Shop by mail with home delivery


Control Costs

​Dial Engagement up or down:​

  • Full issuance vs. opt-in enrollment​
  • Monthly vs. quarterly issuance​
  • Roll-over vs. expire unused benefits​
  • Scheduled vs. ad-hoc​
  • Communications (infrequent vs regular)
Mother and baby shopping with eWIC card

What Members are Saying

OTC Member

“Great app. I can scan from my phone right in the store before I buy to make sure the product qualifies.”

OTC Member

“This app helped me out with all of my over the counter meds.”

OTC Member

“Love this app. I can order my things one day and have it there in about 2 days sometimes one.”

Industry Leading Customer Retention

The Solution S3 Platform delivers superior member retention with one-method access to all supplemental benefits. Our customer retention rates are as high as 10x industry averages.


Consolidate Vendors  •  Minimize Internal Resources    Lower Costs

Healthy Benefits+ is the platform built to increase member satisfaction and retention. Our technology simplifies the member experience by bringing a wide range of benefits under one roof. One card, one app, one website. ​

Built to grow with your evolving benefit strategy, the platform allows you to add supplemental benefits to existing programs without disrupting or re-educating members. ​

Reach out today to learn why the industry’s top providers are switching to the Healthy Benefits+ platform.

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