Non-Profit Solutions


Our S3 technology is designed to assist food-insecure populations and low-income families, as well as address any other social determinants of health that are important to your organization.

The Right Technology for Health

Support Any Benefit

However your organization benefits your community, our technology can be configured to serve your needs.


Your participants have access to tools that are easy-to-use, including a website and convenient mobile app.

Boost Member Engagement

Our digital programs see record engagement among members.

Directed Spend Capabilities

Allow participants to only purchase products that build health.

Food Programs

Provide food insecure families with a fund to use on healthy foods at the grocery store. Our program allows these individuals to shop at a store near them, with 22,000 options across the country!

Health & Wellness Incentives

The Healthy Savings program is the first of its kind, improving access to healthier products by making it easier and more affordable to purchase them.


By partnering with our technology, you can help make fundraising easier than ever for families in your community.


We are committed to advancing the health and wellbeing of every population. We offer several programs that can assist people in need in your community. With our technology, you can offer these programs in one, seamless experience, so your participants get even healthier without additional administrative hastle.

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