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Funding for food programs can be supported with a unique crowdsourcing program that completely redefines community fundraising. People can contribute funds to a food support program via an online customized crowdsourcing website. Non-profits and community support organizations determine the parameters of the support program and use digital communications to invite contributors. Enrollment into the program is quick and easy, and benefits are distributed to program participants on a physical food card or through a virtual food card on the program mobile app. The money raised from the crowdsourcing website can only be used to support the programs your organization decides on.

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Crowdsourcing is a modern method for raising funds for good causes in the digital era. Our platform makes crowdsourcing easy by allowing you to create parameters, and reach out to a broad audience to describe the goals and solicit participation for your worthy cause.

  • Configurable Program
  • Branded Mobile app
  • Branded Website
  • Branded Messaging
  • Configurable Program
  • Branded Website
  • Branded Mobile App
  • Branded Messaging

 The Power of the S3 Platform

The Right Technology for Your Fundraising

The ground-breaking S3 platform issues benefits easily to participants through a card or mobile app. Non-profits also can utilize the S3 platform to set parameters on who can enroll in the program and easily select who will be receiving the raised benefits. The S3 directed spend capabilities additionally allow non-profits to limit what items benefits can redeem.

Why Crowdsourcing?

Modernize Fundraising

Crowdsourcing with the S3 platform lets you expand your fundraising efforts.

Modern Way of Raising Funds

Spreads Funding Burdens Across More Entities

Easy for Grass Roots Funding

Tells Your Story

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