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The S3 Retailer Network is an exclusive network that allows millions of our program members to redeem various health and wellness benefits at checkout of participating stores. This makes redeeming benefits easier for shoppers and drives traffic to our retail partners.

The Right Technology to Drive Sales

Build Market Share

Creates an edge over non-participating competitors.

Reach More Customers

Members want to shop at the stores that honor their discounts.

Free Promotion

Promote your private brands for free, with 100% pay-per-sale.

Digital Marketing

Millions of branding impressions from the member website portal, mobile app, email communications and push notifications.

Positive Publicity

Demonstrates commitment to your community’s health.

Health & Wellness Incentives

Request to join the S3 Retail Network and drive millions of shoppers to your stores looking to redeem their health & wellness benefits, including healthier foods, over-the-counter products, baby care products and household cleaning items.
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