What is S3™?


 S3 is a powerful benefit and promotion platform that features a proprietary network and a unique set of business building tools

The S3 Technology

Our S3 technology powers programs that can build member health and drive your business initiatives. S3 was created with capabilities that were never before available, and the technology empowers you to drive behaviors you’ve always wanted to but never could. S3 enables real-time consumer payments and discounts, directs spending to target products and services, allows omnichannel shopping options across a national network, and handles multiple consumer benefits through a single website, app and card experience. You can offer nutrition incentives, food prescriptions, OTC allowances, digital rewards, transportation benefits, housing benefits and more.

Payments & Discounts

S3 programs can provide both pre-paid payments and discounts on products and services that you define. From benefit allowances that expire monthly or quarterly, to nutrition incentives that are offered weekly or monthly, or rewards that expire annually, you design it and S3 can execute it. Our programs are easily customizable so that you can provide type of benefits that result in your desired outcomes.

Directed Spend

Our technology allows you to deliver program benefits on exactly the products and services you want members to use by directing their benefit or incentive spending based upon your requirements. Limit benefit spending to specific products by UPC or department codes. Limit services to merchant category or even a specific merchant. You can restrict spending to products like over-the-counter medications, healthier foods, food prescriptions, baby care items or even safety products like car seats or bike helmets. You can also choose services like housing, transportation or childcare. It’s your choice, and we can give you complete control over how your program benefits or incentives are spent so that you can be sure participants are purchasing the health-building products and services that you want them to buy.

Omnichannel Network

S3 can power programs on a proprietary 22,000 store closed-loop retail network with the ability to restrict spending to the UPC level and can utilize a Visa open-loop network with restrictions based upon merchant or category, spending amount, and timeframe. Your participants can be given omnichannel shopping options including online, in-store, over-the-phone and even mail-in.


When you use S3, your benefit and incentive programs can be configured in any combination, and they can live on one easy-to-use consumer experience. That means one website, one app, and often only one card, with all the tools needed for consumers to understand and access their value, simply and easily.

Unique and Innovative Solutions

Whether you’re a health plan looking to attract members, a brand looking to increase purchases of your products through digital promotion and crowdsourcing, or you’re looking for another custom program, our S3 technology provides capabilities and builds solutions that have not been previously available in the market. Let our S3 network empower your business.

Why S3?

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