The Healthy Benefits+ Platform

Benefits and rewards accessed through a nationwide network

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

Make it easier to attract and retain members with the customized programs available on the Healthy Benefits+ platform. Whether you are providing OTC and food benefits to health plan members, or providing grocery discounts to your employees, S3 technology allows for custom combinations of benefits, rewards and services on a single platform. Health plans can combine member ID information into a benefit card with real-time access to health insurance, supplemental benefits and rewards.

S3 Multi-Benefit card used to serve all ancillary benefits
Solutran team member designing innovative healthcare solutions.

Everywhere Access with the Premier Dual Network

Participants can redeem their benefits, rewards and services on either the S3® or Visa® network based on your benefit plan design. Our platform provides support for your benefits program however you need it.

The S3 network can restrict spending to individual product UPCs or store departments at nearly 35,000 retail locations and online. Ninety-five percent of US residents live within 5 miles of an S3 network location. The Visa network provides anywhere access at over 11 million stores, with purchase restrictions by merchant or merchant category.

Drive Positive Behaviors

An Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications program for seniors. Diapers and wipes for new mothers. A transportation allowance for low-income populations to get to the doctor. A flex program for members who need dental services.

Whatever your objective, we can drive consumers to healthy behaviors that improve their health, and help you achieve your goals.

S3 Multi-Benefit card used to serve all ancillary benefits
Solutran team member designing innovative healthcare solutions.

Accuracy Across Retailers

Deciding which products are in the approved products list (APL) of a benefit allowance is important. That’s why the Healthy Benefits+ platform was designed with host-based APL execution, to ensure that each network retailer applies allowances on the approved products consistently. Every time.

Other programs can’t do this which results in delays, member frustration and even unnecessary escalations. Others must “request” that each retailer in their network manually update their system with APL changes, which can take days, weeks or even months to get completed, if they ever do. Healthy Benefits+ pushes the correct APL to all retailers in our network at once, so your customers stay delighted with the investment you make in their benefits.

Delight Your Members

Whether you’re a health plan looking to attract and retain members, an employer looking to offer healthy food programs to employees or a brand looking to increase purchases of your healthy products through digital promotion, the Healthy Benefits+ platform provides the simplest user experience for complex benefits programs.

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