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Grocery Discounts

Offering discounts on healthier products is a great way to differentiate your health plan while your customers get healthier and more satisfied. Every positive member touchpoint is associated with your branding.

Pairing Grocery Discounts with OTC, Food or Rewards is easy and makes your members’ benefit dollars go further.


  • Add a Popular Benefit at a Small Expense
  • Increase Member Loyalty
  • Use Discounts Offered by Food Brands
  • Easy & Convenient Shopping Experience

Best Low-Cost Program

Differentiate your offering with a high profile, low-cost program that provides instant weekly savings on healthy products you want your members to buy. Create tremendous value for your health plan and its members on the flexible, multi-benefit S3® platform by providing Grocery Discounts.

Most members can save up to $50 per week on healthier items. The weekly member discounts on prequalified healthy foods and healthy products are funded by CPG companies.

High Engagement Discounts

Weekly discounts on foods that rank in the healthiest 50% of each food group qualify to be promoted.

Discounts are also available on over-the-counter self-medication, household cleaning products and baby supplies.

We partner with a nationally renowned food rating system. All qualified food items are rated using a patented scientific algorithm. This helps your members take the guesswork out of what is healthy.

Case Study: Discounts for 5,000 Employees


Member Engagement


Reported Ease of Use


Increased Productivity

Digital Coupons

Over 300 participating brands
Promoting food, OTC, cleaning, paper products and baby care.

Member benefits go further
CPG funded discounts are applied before OTC and food benefits.

Healthy Savings grocery discounts mobile app.

Expanded Retail Network

National S3® network of Grocery/Pharmacy/Box stores.

Retail Locations

U.S. population lives within 5 miles of a supported retail location

Healthy Savings grocery discounts mobile app, website, and supplemental benefit card.

Member Experience

Members get a branded and customized welcome kit along with user-friendly digital tools to provide easy access to all their benefits.

Members Receive:

  • Welcome letter
  • Program card
  • Instructions to download the mobile app

Members Can:

  • View benefits and balance
  • Find participating retailers
  • Checkout with barcode or card number


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