Healthcare Solutions

All. On. One. Card.

Give your members a uniquely simple experience by accessing all their benefits with their member ID. On one card, one app and one website. It can’t get any easier.

OneCard™ puts an entire benefits platform at your member’s fingertips:


  • Health plan member ID
  • Dual network that includes S3 & Visa retailers
  • Multi-benefit platform to support all benefits, rewards and healthcare services together
  • A highly satisfying member experience with your brand

The OneCard to

Access All Member Benefits

Health Insurance





Dental Services

Grocery Discounts


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Making Simple even Simpler

Change is inevitable. You offer your members more and more. They should love it, but if you add more cards, multiple websites and changing retail networks, things get more complicated and can create that dreaded “member abrasion.”

With Healthy Benefits+ you can keep things simple, even as they change. With our multi-benefit platform, you can add benefits, rewards, and even healthcare services – all accessed with one card, one app and one website with that familiar navigation, so they love you for everything you do for them, including making things simple.

Expand Access with the Premier Dual Network

Whether you wish to restrict purchases to specific products, store departments, or merchants, the premier S3 and Visa dual network can provide convenient access to your member benefits and rewards.

Consolidate Cards to Perfect your Member Experience

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You don’t have to think about it. Your members don’t have to think about it. Give them a card that just works.

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