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Increase member satisfaction and retention through a powerful multi-benefit platform

The Right Technology for Health

Scale with Simplicity

As a multi-benefit provider, our technology grows with you. Add to your benefits program without adding additional vendors, cards or wasted time.

Retain Members

The Healthy Benefits+ platform drivers consumer engagement for health plans and delivers an industry leading 12% average incremental retention rate.

Lower Costs

We partner with leading retailers to provide an average savings of 42% on OTC product prices.

Healthy Benefits+ Solutions

OTC Benefits  |  Nutrition Benefits  |  Rewards  |  Grocery Discounts  |  Custom Benefits

Solutran offers powerful modern solutions for supplemental benefit programs with delivery through a single experience that delights and retains members. As a leading multi-benefit provider, Healthy Benefits+ is boosting member satisfaction for health payers while minimizing costs.

OTC Benefits

Find out why 10 of the top 14 healthcare providers choose Solutran for their OTC benefit solutions.
Member using OTC benefit
Healthy Medicare couple enjoying a run

Nutrition Benefits

Improve member outcomes and drive down healthcare costs through our pre-configured healthy foods benefit programs.

S3 & Visa Rewards

Create rewards that drive member loyalty and direct their spending. The S3® platform creates member loyalty for health payers by allowing you to restrict spending by the product UPC or department level code at over 30,000 stores. And for a broader network, use a restricted Visa where you can restrict spending to a merchant or a merchant type.

Member using OTC benefit
Medicare couples browsing benefits online

Grocery Discounts

A popular program amongst members, this low-cost incentive is sure to set your plan apart. Healthy grocery discounts, funded by consumer brands, can be added to programs to boost member satisfaction and support healthier choices.


Consolidate Vendors  •  Minimize Internal Resources    Lower Costs

Healthy Benefits+™ is the platform built to increase member loyalty for health payers. Our technology simplifies the member experience by managing a wide range of benefits on one platform. One card, one app, one website.

Built to grow with your evolving benefit strategy, the supplemental program allows you to add benefits to existing programs without disrupting or re-educating members.

Reach out today to learn why the industry’s top providers are switching to the Healthy Benefits+ platform.

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