Elgin, IL (June 10, 2019) — Butera Market announced today that it will accept the Healthy Savings card and mobile app at all store locations. The program provides savings on healthier products including staples like whole grains, lean meats, fresh produce, yogurts and more.

“The Healthy Savings program attracts shoppers who are looking for healthier options,” said Paul Butera at Butera Market, “and we wanted them to be able to save at Butera.”

Shoppers can redeem savings at the 14 Butera Market locations in Illinois. Butera joins the growing Healthy Savings retail network, which is scheduled to grow to 22,000 stores later this year.

“Healthy Savings shoppers seek out stores that accept the program,” said Chad Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer of Solutran®, the company behind Healthy Savings. “We welcome Butera Market to our growing movement to provide healthier products at a lower cost.”


About Healthy Savings®

Healthy Savings is a high-engagement, national health & wellness program helping health insurers, employers, government entities and non-profits make healthier foods more affordable. Partnering with over 14,000 brands and stores, Healthy Savings allows members to save over $50 weekly on healthier foods without having to clip, print or download coupons. Our mission is to improve the way America eats. The platform behind the Healthy Savings program is Solutran’s S3 technology. Learn more at TryHealthySavings.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

Healthy Savings is a produce of Solutran, a FinTech company out of Plymouth, MN.


About Butera Market

Butera Market is a family-owned full-service supermarket. Founded in 1963, Butera Finer Foods, now known as Butera Market, has been and continues to be Chicagoland’s low price leader.

In addition to providing great values to our customers, Butera Market offers a wide variety of farm-fresh produce and a great selection of imported and domestic items from our delicatessen, dairy and grocery departments, creating a truly unique shopping experience not available at other stores.

Our bakery department bakes a wide variety of breads and pastries daily and our meat department offers a wide selection of fresh lean Choice meats and seafood items at every day low prices to meet your family’s daily needs.

We, at Butera Market, take pride in offering quality products and friendly service, at a price that customers can enjoy!

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