Minneapolis, MN (Feb 27, 2018) — Beginning in February, members participating in a Healthy Savings program will have access to savings on more nutritious Chobani, Sunkist citrus and SKIPPY® food products along with foods from over 200 other participating brands.

Healthy Savings programs reward participants for buying more nutritious foods. The programs feature technology that preloads more nutritious food promotions on member accounts and provides all savings immediately at checkout through a single scan of their mobile app or member card. There is no clipping or clicking of coupons required, and no earning points to be redeemed later.

With Healthy Savings, weekly discounts are offered on products in the most nutritious one-third of items in a typical grocery store, including fresh produce, milk, whole-grain bread, lean meats, eggs, yogurt and many other “good for you” products. Participants can purchase prequalified foods from more than 200 food and beverage brands at 1,480 participating retailer locations in the Midwest and East Coast. The program is expected to have national distribution later this year.

“This year we’re starting to look even further into the future to fulfill our vision of making universal wellness happen sooner. This starts with our central focus around nutritional wellness—ensuring people have access to delicious, nutritious and natural products—and this is an important program to help deliver on that front,” Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Chobani.

“The Healthy Savings program has consistently offered a place for brands who care about the health of their consumers to promote their products to large populations.” said Chad Kelly, chief marketing officer of Solutran Inc., the parent company of Healthy Savings. “We are pleased to welcome Chobani, SKIPPY® peanut butter and Sunkist Growers to our strong list of participating brands that members love.”

The Healthy Savings mobile app, available at no charge at iTunes® or Google Play™, enables participants to view available discounts, scan their mobile barcode for immediate savings, find nearby participating grocery stores and track accumulated savings.


About Healthy Savings®

Healthy Savings® is a program which enables health insurers, employers, government entities and nonprofits to offer savings on healthier foods without having to clip, print or download coupons. Solutran S3 technology serves as the supporting substantiation platform behind the Healthy Savings program. The mission of Healthy Savings is to improve the way America eats. The technology behind the Healthy Savings program is powered by Solutran, Inc., a Minnesota-based technology company specializing in electronic benefit transfer systems and payment solutions.

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