Minneapolis, MN (Dec 18, 2015) — Solutran, a leading financial services technology company, is moving its headquarters to accommodate the company’s growth. This December, the company is leaving its headquarters at 3600 Holly Lane in Plymouth for a new 29,000-square-foot building at 13305 12th Avenue, also in Plymouth.

The larger space is needed to house the additional employees that are required for the growing business. Last year the company opened a second office in Tampa, Florida.

“It is an exciting time for Solutran. Our business has transformed in the past five years and we needed a space to match. We are excited to give our exceptionally talented employees a new space that empowers them to do their best work,” said Barry Nordstrand, Chief Executive Officer, Solutran.

Founded in 1982 as a check & rebate processor, the company has earned market leadership in all of its business segments. Starting in 2013, the company put significant investment into developing advanced Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) technology for both the public and private sectors.

The newly developed and patented technology is paying dividends, fueling the company’s growth in multiple business lines including: Healthy Savings® programs providing savings on fresh produce and other healthy foods to subscribers of leading health plans and employees of progressive employers; Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) payments; and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments.

“The key to our success has always been that we listen intently to our clients, innovate solutions, and deliver results. This new facility creates an environment that supports our high-performance culture with state-of-the-art training facilities and tools for collaboration with clients, industry partners, and colleagues,” added Nordstrand.


About Solutran

Solutran is a leading national payments processor with state-of-the-art Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) technology and long-standing reputation for excellence in high-volume payment transactions. Since 1982, Solutran has provided corporations and financial institutions with customized solutions including depository processing, check conversion services, controlled disbursement services, returned check management, WIC payment processing, and Healthy Savings® healthy eating programs across the country. Solutran is committed to developing and providing solutions for the ever-changing needs of the EBT, payments, and promotion industries.For more information, visit Solutran’s website at www.solutran.com or call 888.SOLUTRAN (888.765.8872).

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