Minneapolis, MN (May 31, 2016) — Minnesota technology company, Solutran, Inc., partnered with Minnesota Hunger Initiative (MNHI), Greater Twin Cities United Way, University of Minnesota Extension, and Medica Research Institute to offer low income families across Minnesota greater access to healthier foods as part of the Healthy Savings®/Stop the Growl campaign. The campaign is an expansion on the 2014 pilot Healthy Savings program offered to food insecure families in the Twin Cities.

During the 12-week campaign that began in February, participants were given a Healthy Savings card to use at local grocery stores to get $10 to $20 of free fresh produce and up to 30 percent savings on other nutritious food staples such as lean meats, beans, eggs, yogurt, milk, cereal, and whole grain bread. In addition to providing the technology that drives the program, Solutran donated to the campaign.

“We are passionate about making healthy food more affordable,” said Chad Kelly, CMO of Solutran, and general manager of Healthy Savings. “With our advanced S3 technology we are able to make that a reality for the families in Minnesota as well as other areas of the country.”

Participants were selected for participation through partnerships with local food shelves in both the metro and outstate areas including Brooklyn Park, Forest Lake, Mankato, Minneapolis, and Minnetonka.

The Healthy Savings program’s success is centered on simplicity. Participants received Healthy Savings cards with free fresh produce and other healthy foods pre-loaded onto their account each week. Participants could shop at any Cub Foods, Rainbow Foods, or Lunds & Byerlys store. They simply chose the healthier food, scanned their card at checkout, and saved instantly.

“A program that incentivizes and supports families to make healthy choices about food in simple ways and helps them learn how to cook and shop affordably will go a long way to creating healthier communities. Healthier communities mean kids do better in school, adults have fewer sick days at work, and health systems see fewer people with chronic issues. It is a win-win-win situation,” said Patty Wilder, project lead for the Minnesota Hunger Initiative.


About Healthy Savings®

Healthy Savings is a program for participants to save on healthier foods without having to clip, print or download coupons. Discounts are pre-loaded on to participant accounts each week and activated with a simple scan of a barcode from a card or mobile phone at checkout of participating retail stores. The technology for Healthy Savings was developed by Solutran, Inc. a Minnesota technology company in the financial services industry.


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