Case Study

Hennepin County uses Healthy Savings® to Increase Productivity by 85%


Fairview Health Services, a nonprofit health system providing a network of doctors and clinics across Minnesota, began offering the Healthy Savings program to its employees in 2016. Brenna Vuong, Fairview’s Employee Well-Being Manager, shared the organization’s experience providing the program to employees.


In 2017, Hennepin County implemented Healthy Savings to their 5,000+ employees across the organization. As part of their broader HealthWorks rewards program, Hennepin offers weekly savings on promoted healthier foods, in addition to 25% off all fresh produce purchases up to $5. “We had to have a company that would work within our parameters—and we’re very appreciative of Healthy Savings,” said Jill Hamilton, Hennepin’s HealthWorks manager. “Implementation, reporting, and communication across the board has always been clear, easy, and helpful.”

“I don’t think there’s anything out there that’s comparable to Healthy Savings. It keeps employees and their families healthy—and happy—which pays dividends for our workplace culture.

– Jill Hamilton, HealthWorks Manager, Hennepin County


“This is the only benefit we have that offers savings on food,” said Erica Morrison, Office Specialist at Hennepin. “Our team loves it. They find the benefits wonderful, and we’re happy to be able to provide such a beneficial program.” By making healthy choices more affordable, Healthy Savings helps boost office productivity. In a recent survey across all Healthy Savings employee members, 85% of employees reported that Healthy Savings positively impacts their productivity at work. “Healthy Savings is such a wonderful, healthy idea,” wrote one Hennepin employee in a survey response. “I choose more fresh produce as well as other products listed for savings on the app—when the discount comes through at checkout, cashiers always ask how I obtained the card!” For Hennepin County, Healthy Savings proved a perfect opportunity to expand their wellness offerings, prioritize the health of their workforce, and benefit their employees.

“I so appreciate the Healthy Savings card. I save money almost every time I go to the grocery store. And I find myself buying more fruits and vegetables. I’ve even lost 7 pounds so far this year! Thank you, Hennepin, for offering the card!”

– Anonymous Hennepin County Employee


of employees report registering their card was simple


think that the program is easy to use


say the program has increased their productivity at work

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