Virginia Beach, VA (September 3, 2019) — Optima Health announced that it is providing the Healthy Savings program to its Medicaid members. This unique program provides greater access to fresh produce and other healthier food items, as well as over-the-counter medications, baby care and household cleaning items.

“As a health plan that invests in our members’ health, Optima Health believes Healthy Savings offers unique value to our members and their families,” said Traci Massie, director of government programs at Optima Health. “We know that eating habits impact every aspect of our lives. By making nutritious options available in the stores our members prefer, we can make an immediate and beneficial impact in their lives.”

The program provides savings on fresh produce, lean meats, milk, whole grain bread, yogurt, eggs, beans  as well as frequently purchased self-medication products. Optima Health Medicaid members will receive a Healthy Savings card in the mail in the first half of September, and can register at Once registered, they will receive notifications on weekly offerings.

In participating grocery stores, members scan the barcode from their card or mobile phone at check out and realize the immediate savings on these healthy foods. Savings are pre-loaded onto member accounts with no clipping, printing, or downloading of coupons necessary. Participating grocers include Food Lion®, Kroger®, Giant®, Shoppers® and Martins®.

“Healthy diets can put stress on fixed budgets,” said Chad Kelly, chief marketing officer of Solutran, the company behind Healthy Savings. He added, “The Healthy Savings program provides affordable access to products that lead to better health and can reduce health care costs.”

Members can also download the Healthy Savings mobile app at no charge on the App Store® or Google Play™. Members can use this app to view current offers, search for store locations, and review their purchases.


About Healthy Savings®

Healthy Savings is a high-engagement, national health & wellness program helping health insurers, employers, government entities and non-profits make healthier foods more affordable and accessible to large populations. Partnering with over 22,000 stores and hundreds of healthier product brands, Healthy Savings allows members to save over $50 weekly on healthier foods without having to clip, print or download coupons. Our mission is to improve the way America eats. The platform behind the Healthy Savings program is Solutran’s S3 technology. Learn more at or, and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Optima Health

Optima Health, based in Virginia, provides health insurance coverage to more than 510,000 members. With more than 30 years of experience, Optima Health offers a suite of commercial products including consumer-directed, employee-owned and employer-sponsored plans, individual health plans, employee assistance programs and plans serving Medicare and Medicaid enrollees. Its provider network features approximately 30,000 providers including specialists, primary care physicians and hospitals across Virginia. Optima Health also offers programs to support members with chronic illnesses, customized wellness programs and integrated clinical and behavioral health services, as well as pharmacy management—all to help members improve their health every day. The company’s goals are to provide better health, be easy to use and offer services that are a great value. Optima Health is a service of Sentara Healthcare. To learn more about Optima Health, visit

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