Omnichannel OTC benefits program to attract and retain members

As the OTC benefit technology leader, Healthy Benefits Plus provides health plans a configurable, omnichannel experience, delivering a cost-effective OTC solution with the best member experience. Discover how top health plans are benefiting from the most robust OTC solution on the market.

Modern member experience

Most robust OTC omnichannel solution

Healthy Benefits Plus provides more than the standard OTC industry catalog and website solution, we provide the option of an omnichannel member experience with easy access to thousands of non-prescription, OTC drugs and health-related items available at up to 22,000 participating retail locations nationwide. This innovative program is low-cost and accessible on a configurable website where members have easy access to their benefits and account information. Members can browse approved products, order online or simply buy in-store.

Omnichannel Options



Faster Member Delivery

With Healthy Benefits Plus, your members will appreciate faster access to the OTC product they need. Members have the option to pick-up OTC products same-day in one of the thousands of participating store locations or opt for free 2-day shipping and have the products delivered directly to their home with online or phone orders over $35.

Customized Branding

With Healthy Benefits Plus, we make sure your brand is part of all member interactions throughout the entire benefits cycle. Healthy Benefits Plus brands every communication for you – including member cards, website, and mobile app, as well as optional member education training videos and emails. All positive, all branded.


Lower Cost, Higher Satisfaction

Control costs with no administrative burden

Each $1 invested in OTC medications translates to $6- $7 in annual savings to the healthcare industry* and entering 2019 more health plans than ever before are offering OTC benefits*. The good news is now modern OTC programs can be simple and less expensive. Our cost advantages include:

  • Reduced product expense – With our leading procurement solution, product costs are on average 40% lower, making benefits go farther!
  • Reduced shipping expense – With free shipping on orders over $35, 94% of orders have no shipping costs allowing you to save more on program costs.




Configurable Engagement

Healthy Benefits Plus delivers an OTC program that can be tailored to your member’s needs. From full-service Medicare Advantage Plan OTC Benefit programs to on-demand OTC benefits and anything in between, with Healthy Benefits Plus you are in control of the member experience. You can set benefit configurations to drive engagement levels higher or lower as needed.

  • Full issuance vs. Opt-in benefit enrollment
  • Monthly vs. Quarterly benefit issuance
  • Roll-over vs. Expire benefits
  • Scheduled vs. Ad-hoc benefit issuance
  • High vs. Low member education model


Flexible Platform

The Healthy Benefits Plus platform is versatile, allowing health plans to add to the member experience with targeted services and benefits.


Health plans can now manage OTC benefits and other value-added benefits and rewards in one convenient location. It’s that simple multiple benefits on one platform, one card, one app and one website for enhanced member experience and streamlined program reporting. The platform can build stronger relationships and help to retain members while positively impacting your quality ratings.

With rewards and incentives add-ons, health plans have the option to retain unredeemed funds. After rewards are issued they are tracked through expiration, allowing health plans to either send reminders for members to use them or simply reclaim the unused rewards and re-purpose them to fund additional incentives.



Our Services

Every day, members across the country need over-the-counter products to stay healthy. We improve the member experience by providing more member options including the largest OTC benefit distribution network with options for same day order fulfillment. Explore our configurable services and discover how you can leverage our knowledge, network and partnership.