Minneapolis, MN (Apr 30, 2018) — Solutran today announced that Walmart has agreed to join the S3™ Platform Preferred Retailer Network to accept rewards issued by major health plans and providers starting in the second half of 2018. The growing network provides health plan members with convenient access to rewards through multiple retailers across the country, including Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs.

The S3™ Platform was built to make incentive programs more effective while keeping costs low and provides efficient reward delivery through digital only, card-based or combined options. Program sponsors can utilize Solutran’s patented host-based substantiation platform, which insures program quality and consistency across retailers.

“This technology will drive lower healthcare costs through targeted rewards and incentives,” said Solutran CEO Barry Nordstrand. “Walmart and Sam’s Club locations make the network convenient for health plan members nationwide.”

The S3 technology can also use funding from multiple sources to enhance each program’s value, creating larger consumer incentives through combined funding from health plans, employers, and product manufacturers. Using mobile, email and text communications, health plans can create continuous engagement through branded messages that are delivered throughout the life of the program.

“The S3™ platform provides a unique value proposition for health plans,” said Speak Retail Group Co-Founder Rachel Dahlen.  “Solutran delivers targeted incentives and rewards in a way that creates up to 10X engagement over current reward programs. The S3™ technology is ahead of the game.”


About Solutran

Solutran is a leading national payments technology provider, offering customized payment solutions such as Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) technology for SNAP and WIC food subsidy programs in the public sector and Healthy Savings and Healthy Savings & Rewards programs in the private sector. Solutran has long-standing reputation for excellence in customer service in high-volume payment transactions.

Solutran has offices in Minneapolis, MN and Tampa, FL. For more information visit Solutran.com.

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