Minneapolis, MN (Feb 13, 2018) — Solutran reported 100% Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system uptime in the last 12 months of processing electronic Women, Infants, and Children (eWIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for participants. Since entering the EBT processing industry in 2015, Solutran has raised the bar in an industry with a history of instability.

In contrast to regular competitor EBT system outages reported on websites like Downdetector.com, Solutran delivers 100% uptime via its leading-edge S3™ EBT technology and support staff with strong commitment to customer service. Solutran’s S3™ platform utilizes ‘active/active’ processing in dual data centers, allowing for unrivaled uptime performance along with layered security that keeps cardholder and program data protected.

“We know that EBT customers rely on our technology every day and that any downtime is disruptive to all constituents including participants, retailers, and clinics. We recognized we couldn’t provide the level of service that is so important for this industry without making significant investments in technology and support teams,” said Brian May, General Manager of Government EBT at Solutran, Inc.

In 2017, Solutran processed over 23 million EBT transactions representative of nearly $689 million in food purchased at more than 5,000 retail vendors. Solutran has provided processing support for WIC programs since 1989 across 72 state and Inter-Tribal Organization WIC Programs across the country.


About Solutran

Solutran is a leading national payments processor with state-of-the-art Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) technology and a long-standing reputation for excellence in customer service for high-volume payment transactions. Since 1982, Solutran has provided customized payment solutions including rebates and check depository, WIC and SNAP payment processing, and private sector EBT Healthy Savings®. Solutran is committed to developing and providing solutions for the ever-changing needs of all EBT industries. For more information, visit www.Solutran.com.

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