Harwood Heights, IL (Jun 06, 2018) — Union Ridge School District announced today it is offering Healthy Savings to its employees to make healthier eating easier and more affordable. Employees can now save 25% on all fresh produce purchases as well as up to $50 in weekly savings on healthy staples like lean meats, yogurts, cereals, beans, whole grains and more.

“Union Ridge School District is always looking for effective ways to support and engage our employees,” said Mike Maguire, Superintendent of Union Ridge School District. “We are excited to leverage Healthy Savings as a high engagement program for health and wellness.”

Each week employees’ accounts are preloaded with savings, so clipping or downloading coupons is not required. Employees shop at any participating retailer location, including Jewel-Osco®, Mariano’s™, Niemann County Markets®, Shop ‘n Save® and Woodman’s, and scan their card or mobile app at checkout for instant savings on healthier foods.

“Healthy Savings has delivered engagement rates higher than 70% and improves diet through healthier eating, which affects employees’ overall health and work performance,” said Chad Kelly, Solutran CMO. “We are pleased to be working with Union Ridge School District.”

The technology behind the Healthy Savings program is powered by Solutran, Inc., a Minnesota-based technology company specializing in electronic benefit transfer and payment processing solutions.


About Healthy Savings®

Healthy Savings is a program for participants to save on healthier foods without having to clip, print or download coupons. Discounts are pre-loaded onto participant accounts each week and activated with a simple scan of a barcode from a card or mobile phone at checkout of participating retail stores. Solutran S3 technology serves as the supporting substantiation platform behind the Healthy Savings program. The mission of Healthy Savings is to unlock the enormous potential within each individual with the goal of working together to improve the way America eats.

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