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We create healthier, more productive workforces with highly attractive healthy eating solutions that achieve industry-leading engagement and healthy behaviors. Employees receive savings on fresh produce and other healthier food staples every week, which can boost productivity while reducing absenteeism.

How We Can Help

Through partnership with a national S3® retail network of over 34,500 retailers and hundreds of brands, Healthy Savings grocery discounts can empower your employees to save money while choosing healthier products. Healthy Savings produces unrivaled engagement rates in the workforce, oftentimes 10x higher than existing workplace wellness and benefits programs—so you can be sure you’re supporting employees in a direct and meaningful way. With weekly savings on fresh produce and other healthier food products from hundreds of brands, Healthy Savings is just the program your employees need to jump-start their wellness journey.

The Right Technology for Your Health & Wellness Program

Our innovative technology makes using the program simple so you can focus more on wellness and less on logistics—all while our simple, user-friendly design keeps employees engaged and happy. Healthy Savings starts with discounts on healthier food, pharmacy, baby care and household cleaning items, and then adds 25% off fresh produce—with no clicking, clipping, or downloading coupons. Members simply scan their card or mobile app at checkout and save instantly.

Lower Cost, Higher Satisfaction

Our health solutions drive high engagement for your employees and can increase workplace productivity.

Drive High Engagement

The Healthy Savings program receives up to 10X higher engagement than comparable workplace wellness programs. With an unmatched 70% average engagement rate, Healthy Savings cultivates a healthier, more engaged workforce for the companies that offer it.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Highly engaged employees are less likely to leave their current company. If you seek to foster loyalty and affinity among employees, Healthy Savings can play a critical role in creating that company culture.

Differentiate Your Organization

Today’s labor force is on the lookout for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle—and companies that provide tools for achieving these goals are loved for it. Healthy Savings is the first program of its kind, and the benefits to businesses, employees, and families are unrivaled. 

Decrease Absenteeism

Healthy Savings allows employers to make it easier and more affordable for employees to buy healthier foods. By offering Healthy Savings, employers not only offer instant savings on products that build health—they create a happier, more productive and healthier workforce.

Foster a Culture of Health and Productivity

Research shows that for every $1 invested in employee wellness, companies can get a $6 return. With high engagement programs like Healthy Savings, that effect can be magnified. Employees will love the savings and health benefits; you’ll love the productivity boost.

Benefit Your Employees & Their Families

Healthy eating is skyrocketing! With Healthy Savings, members purchase 70% more produce. Employees will immediately see their savings grow and feel their wellness improve.

Case Study: Discounts for 5,000 Employees


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Associated Bank Supports Employee Health with Healthy Savings® Discounts on Healthier Foods

Green Bay, WI (March 14, 2019) — Associated Bank today announced that it will offer its employees and their families access to the Healthy Savings program, which provides lower costs on healthier foods purchased

Union Ridge School District Launches Healthy Savings® Program

Harwood Heights, IL (Jun 06, 2018) — Union Ridge School District announced today it is offering Healthy Savings to its employees to make healthier eating easier and more affordable. Employees can now save 25% on

Saint Therese Joins Growing Network of Companies Helping Employees Eat Healthier

Minneapolis, MN (Apr 24, 2018) — Saint Therese is offering the Healthy Savings program to make healthy eating easier and more affordable for its employees on their health insurance plan. With Healthy Savings, employees can


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Solutran Employee

“This app and program have it all! Healthy and affordable food conveniently at your fingertips. This is a groundbreaking system for today’s America.”

Solutran Employee

“This app is so convenient and easy to use! I constantly save on my favorite healthy foods.“

Solutran Employee

“Immediate savings right at checkout with just a scan makes this my favorite. No extra work at all.“

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